Out of Italy

This morning, around all of the hubbub of the week, I received an email regarding an art and design blog that was featuring my work with anthotypes.

Nice surprise from Italy. Thank you LanciaTrendVisions! Lancia Trend Visions is an online magazine acting as a talent scout for emerging artists, designers, architects, and other creative types.

The blog can be accessed at LanciaTrendVisions.com.

Partially in Print

Since this blog is also an archive of my career in the arts (think scrap book) I occasionally will list articles and books in which I appear or exhibitions of which I am part (but maybe not mentioned). From last month is an article on the DVAC members exhibition titled Light reviewed by Pam Dillon (apple was mentioned) and Christopher Yates’ review of the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition 2011 (apple not mentioned but Amanda Tirey Graham, a grad school colleague, was).



Look for a book on anthotypes by Malin Fabbri to be published soon. I may be in it if my publication permission forms make it safely to Sweden.