My inner Anna Atkins

Two more cyanotypes drying down. I mixed up new chemistry yesterday to a avoid the strange dark patches that may be from mold in the ferric ammonium citrate.

I am printing multiples to try some toning with gallic acid.

In case you were wondering, I AM channeling my inner Anna Atkins!



Somewhat Abstract

Today, I return to a favorite subject: Trash. For many years now I have looked longingly at prints rescued from the trash. These are prints that may or may not have recognizable “lens-based” content but usually exhibit some sort of insufficient chemical processing. Often the silver appears to be plating out into swirls of iridescent or gold. They are unloved and transient; changing even as they are photographed especially if they are scanned. Gone if one tries to fix them with hypo.


Two Twenty-nine

It’s two twenty-nine all day. Also the eve of the University of Dayton’s short midterm break. I had two (out of eleven) students show up to class so I took them outside to photograph and work on their current assignment which has a closest focus component. While they were photographing, I was photographing and now I have something to blog about. Pictures.

eight days later

Eight days later and this is all I have to show for myself.

Birds on a wire. A lot of birds and a sky that can’t decide whether it wants to snow or not.

On the way to pick up clear acrylic from a vendor in Moraine (Ohio) I drove under a flash mob of pigeons.  It does sort of suggest a solution to photographing very dramatic clouds on a winter day. Put many birds on(to) it!

Just a word of warning that the next blog entry will be an update on the anthotypes in progress. I have been exposing the saffron anthotypes during the last week. There were sunny days on Friday, Sunday and Monday so the ground is starting to fade.

Mr. California


I’m currently visiting family with Bridgette in Dexter, N.M. This part of the country got over a foot of snow in time for Christmas. I’ve brought the pinhole cameras to photograph the pecan and cottonwood trees but I’ve been slowed down by a stiff lower back and lack of cold weather clothing i.e. gloves.

The images and posts will mostly be from an iPhone and ate meant to be visual notes without a specific future project in mind.

Here’s example photographed earlier today. This a detail of a logo from a vintage box used to ship California oranges and repurposed to contain a present for Bridgette’s parents.