four of us have four eyes

Four of us our wearing four eyes! Thanks Amy Youngs! That’s Michael Mercil on the left in his “university” attire.

Almost as Good as Being Back in Grad School


Tomorrow night, between 6-8pm, OSU’s Urban Arts Space in downtown Columbus will host a reception for both part I and part II of Inoscuation. There is also an artist panel planned at 5pm featuring  Vesna Jovanovic, Michael Mercil, Suzanne Silver, Ardine Nelson, Rebecca Harvey, Kate Joranson, Amy Youngs and myself.

It’s almost as good as being back in grad school.

Above and below are some installation images. Note the subtle reference to the additive color primaries blue, red and green. Completely accidental.


Inosculation at OSU Urban Arts Space

Exhibition news: 

Warning: choppy prose follows.

Inosculation runs which is set up as two halves of the same exhibition with staggered dates, runs October 30 – December 15 for the upper gallery half of the show. The lower gallery half runs from now until November 17th. 

The  joint reception is on November 3rd from 6-8pm. 

Three of the sleep wear anthotypes are will be on display in the second half of the exhibit. Since the show is pairing OSU faculty with alumni from the years around 2002  – 2006?, I am being showing along side Ardine Nelson who was my M.F.A. thesis advisor way back then.

Here’s a picture of the work at drop-off yesterday, October 23rd.