three trees to the west

How about a break from the saffron experiments with doll clothes?

Below are three of the pecan tree pinholes photographed in New Mexico just after Christmas. I hope to create large scale, single color gums of these and have then ready for the Naturalists exhibit here in Dayton next September. BTW, the Naturalists has a new working title of In Vivo.

From left to right, pecan tree #8, #6, and #4.


Pecans and Pinholes

This morning I got out on a walk to the row of pecan trees I have been photographing for the past three winters. Not exactly a morning constitutional, yet. It’s about a mile and a half from the bunk house to this stretch of pecans.

I was passed by about four vehicles on the way to the trees; these were tractors, semi-tractor trailers, and maybe a passenger car. The first pickup truck to stop to check on me was driven by my father and law who asked if I wanted a ride. I got a sense that no one walks in Dexter, NM.

I photographed all fifteen of the original pecans. There are several rows of younger trees. I am interested in the original row because these were older trees that were pruned back and moved from another location. They are strange looking, almost Seussian in appearance and the first thing I truly recognize when Bridgette and I pull into her home town.

The photograph below shows the Holga 120WPC photographing the third pecan tree to the south. I’ll be back out there with more film on Saturday and Sunday to photograph the rest in pinhole fashion.