Out of Italy

This morning, around all of the hubbub of the week, I received an email regarding an art and design blog that was featuring my work with anthotypes.

Nice surprise from Italy. Thank you LanciaTrendVisions! Lancia Trend Visions is an online magazine acting as a talent scout for emerging artists, designers, architects, and other creative types.

The blog can be accessed at LanciaTrendVisions.com.

International Photography Annual

Not totally in the area of shameless self-promotion but fairly close. Manifest Creative Research and Drawing Center has a history of producing high quality publications for their rotating exhibits. They also have been producing beautiful surveys of drawing published as the INDA or International Drawing Annual. They have also been producing surveys of painting and how now published their second annual INPA (International Painting Annual).

This past May, they embarked on a survey of photography to coincide with this month’s FotoFocus, the month long exhibition at a number of venues in Cincinnati, Dayton and Kentucky (Covington). The book was released officially last Friday and includes the work of many national and international photographers. There are photos of some of the artists at the book signing. Check them out on Manifest’s Facebook page.


Here’s a list of the artists featured in INPHA, the International Photography Annual #1:

Jocelyn Allen, Lars Anderson, Chris Arrecis, Massimo Barberio, Scott Barnes, Jesse Morgan Barnett, Franck Bohbot, Susan Bryant, Seder Burns, Alison Carey, Bryan Christie, Van Chu, Lauren Coggins-Tuttle, Alison Crouse, James Curran, Victor Currie, Alicja Dobrucka, Craig Dow, Meghan Duda, Mitch Eckert, Tracy Featherstone, Laura Fisher, Skye Gilkerson, Richard Gilles, Jodie Goodnough, Noelle Gray, Dominic Hawgood, Natasha Holmes, Fossett James, Stephen King, Paula Willmot Kraus, Kent Krugh, Kevin Kunstadt, Suta Lee, Echo Lew, Miao Liu, Tracy Longley-Cook, Jenee Mateer, Fred Moeves, Emily Hanako Momohara, Erin Quinn, Monica Rezman, Michael H. Rohde, Julia Romano, Francis Schanberger, Brad  Smith, Alexander Solomon, Grischa Stanjek, Dominik Tarabanski, Walt Thomas, Samantha Vandeman, Emma  Williams, Christopher  Woodcock, Qian Yongning, Matthew  Zory