three trees to the west

How about a break from the saffron experiments with doll clothes?

Below are three of the pecan tree pinholes photographed in New Mexico just after Christmas. I hope to create large scale, single color gums of these and have then ready for the Naturalists exhibit here in Dayton next September. BTW, the Naturalists has a new working title of In Vivo.

From left to right, pecan tree #8, #6, and #4.


the color of meat

Early this year I thought I had reached a point…a point of no more making presents (at least gifting photographs I have made). Our trip back to San Diego two years ago netted a beautiful shot glass with metric measurements on it (useful in alternative processes) and a plastic bag from the butcher section of Keils grocery store. The plastic bag has a chart depicting the cuts of beef and where they come from on the steer (or is it a cow?).

My in-laws are New Mexico ranchers and Bridgette knew this would someday rightfully take its place as a Christmas present. This year it has. Printed in the gum bichromate process in flame red and carmine red gouache for pigment (on Fabriano Artistico Extra White Hot Press). The PVA size I used didn’t prevent staining so the highlights took on a bit of a pink color. But as Bridgette remarked, it is very much the color of meat.

gum over second layers

Here are the next layers, ugly as they may be. I was searching for a cadmium orange to go on top of the cyanotype layer and not finding any mixed up something hideous. I also neglected to smooth out the brushed on emulsion creating the paint brush streaks. Maybe the students will like them but I don’t.

Second layer of pink made using the black color separation with a five minute exposure.


Ugly orange red mix like Venetian Red on top of the cyanotype layer. Exposed for five minutes using the magenta separation.

gum over

For the alternative processes class, a gum bichromate demonstration. The digital photo is from my wedding day (a walk before the ceremony) in San Patricio, New Mexico six years ago. The first print is a single layer of pink using a magenta color separation negative exposed for five minutes. The second print is cyanotype layer lightly exposed in the NuArc First Light for 15 minutes using a black color separation negative. Tonight I did two more exposures / layers on top of these but I won’t be able to photograph and upload them until next Monday.


five minute exposure with magenta separation


15 minute exposure of a cyanotype layer with a black separation negative