framed fugitive

Here is the cut grass sleeping dress anthotype, made during the summer in Boston and framed for the Roy G Biv ImageOhio 12 next month in Columbus.



a cosmological bent

Here is the latest work print in the Forces of Nature series. So far this year I have created prints of an apple, which was one of handful Bridgette used for a drawing assignment, and a pluot, which I found in the cafeteria of Emmanuel College this past summer. This is a Japanese Pear, pyrus pyrifolia, which I spotted in the produce section of Dorothy Lane Market here in Dayton. All three have a cosmological bent to the image. My hope is that they are just as likely to reference stellar nurseries as they are the specific products of trees.

book cover


I just returned from Boston fulfilling the last requirement for the summer residency, namely a presentation and workshop. There is a lot to process but it came at the end of a very busy seven days and the quiet time that followed was so welcomed.

Some of the art documentation work I do never gets much attention outside of applications for grants or faculty reviews. This morning I got an email from Ohio State University Professor Suzanne Silver that an image I took of one of her drawings will grace the cover of Michael Swartz’ book, The Signifying Creator, and will include a photo credit. I love her drawings and look forward to continue photographing her work in the future.

PRC Auction

While I was in Boston, I joined the Photographic Resource Center and took advantage of one of their monthly portfolio reviews. Glenn Ruga, the director of the PRC was the reviewer in July and he suggested I submit a piece for the annual auction. It’s almost time for the auction and PRC has put every piece by every artist participating on line. Two Mushrooms with Eye is my contribution and can be found here at the auction website. The auction date is Saturday, Oct. 15 and doors for the live auction open at 5:30 pm. The exhibition and auction are taking place at 808 Gallery at Boston University, 808 Commonwealth Avenue,
Boston, MA 02215.

domestic duties

from Walking at the gallery of the Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids

A day of rest would be today after all the printing, framing, more printing, painting magnets, painting push pins, more printing, cutting, transporting. ArtPrize is the last of the fall exhibitions I had on the burner. Besides preparing for classes at the University of Dayton, I have been working on the following: the Artist in Residence at Emmanuel College exhibition, the Photographic Resource Center Auction (happening soon), Texas State University San Marcos (Wild Kingdom), Bowling Green’s Fresh: Ohio to the Faculty Exhibit at Sinclair College (I teach one class there) and ArtPrize 2011. It should be apparent I haven’t had a day off in a while. While I do have to pick up Bridgette’s work for the Rosewood gallery exhibition today, today is mostly free and I may actually get to some domestic duties.

the faintest ink

Here is an installation view, photographed by Bridgette Bogle, of Rose Red Pajama Pants which is on view at Sinclair Community College’s Triangle Gallery. It is on view “sometimes”, if one is willing to open the black curtains. This is an idea I appropriated from a traveling exhibition of William Henry Fox Talbot’s Callotypes and paper negatives on view at the Museum of Photographic Arts in the late 1990’s. There are hooks on either side to keep the curtains open so that viewers can step back from the work to get a proper view. In borrowing the Chinese proverb “the faintest ink is more powerful than the best memory, I will substitute fugitive or transient. Given enough time and exposure, these transient pigments will become the faintest of inks and may then be hardly better than the best memory.

video killed the historical processes brown dwarf

During the summer residency, I was able to work with Emmanuel College’s Nick Pizzolato which resulted in three video shorts. Please visit and to listen to me talk about vandyke brown prints, polaroids, and anthotypes.

Emmanuel College | Artist in Residence | Frank Schanberger from Emmanuel College on Vimeo.

Emmanuel College | Artist in Residence | Frank Schanberger from Emmanuel College on Vimeo.

Emmanuel College | Artist in Residence | Frank Schanberger from Emmanuel College on Vimeo.