End of the Year Shout Out

Last month I was asked to design a poster for Pecha Kucha Dayton based upon my presentation in early November. This poster was placed in local businesses to provide the date, time and location for the last Pecha Kucha presentation of the year.

I chose the anthotype of a nightgown with evening gloves that Bridgette affectionately titled “Flapper”. This morning PK Dayton provided a link to a Tumblr of the best PK posters made since 2012 and this poster was included. Here is a link to the Tumblr  and below you can find a jpeg of the poster.


Happy New Year everyone!



Almost all my eggs in one basket


The last twelve calendar months have been rewarding as far as making work but difficult in regards to finding an audience for it. The somnambulist project has engaged me like no other photographic project but it has many features to it that really have kept it from gaining traction.

Scale, permanence, and similarity to to work done by Adam Fuss and Karen Savage have led to some push back. I go blindly into my photographic projects. They do marry technique and concept although I will be the first to admit that I get lost in materials and processes.

Although I have been feeling this, there has been a spot of good news this week. The New Orleans Photography Alliance has announced the finalists for the 2014 Clarence John Laughlin Award. I am one of the thirteen photographers selected. Also included in this group are Keliy Anderson-Staley, Anne Berry,  Susan Burnstine,  Benjamin Dimmitt,  William Guion,  Leslie Hall Brown,  Jaime Johnson, Meghann Riepenhoff,  Euphus Ruth, J Michael Skaggs, Cheryle St. Onge, and S. Gayle Stevens.

words without pictures

In March and April of this year I met with Tanya Maus to be interviewed for a project she was doing for a six-month radio production training program at 91.3 WYSO in Yellow Springs (in Ohio). The goal of the interview was to give her a chance to edit many minutes of audio into a smaller four to six minute story that would eventually be broadcast on WYSO.

We met twice and I talked at length about the anthotype work as well as the continuing vandyke brown projects. I haven’t heard it yet but those of you who know me well, know that I hate my “Telephone Voice”.

It is scheduled to air this Wednesday, August 20th at 6:30 am and 8:30 am E.S.T. during the station’s Morning Edition.  For those of you living outside the Miami Valley area who wish to hear it, WYSO will have a live stream via iTunes. Please go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/station/idra.873003657 to listen to WYSO live on iTunes radio.

haunted sleepwear

Lately, I have been fixated on vascular support stockings. They trigger a memory of seeing my father wear them. Occasionally I would see his stockings folded after being laundered.  At other times I might would actually see him wearing them because of his pajama shorts he wore close to bed time.

I made the first version of the pajama shorts in February specifically for an exhibition at Proto Gallery in Hoboken, New Jersey. I made two additional versions early this summer. Number two was made with different coats of saffron and rainbow chard. Number one and number three were made with straight chard. Number three will be on display in Columbus starting tomorrow as part of the Fine Arts Exhibition at the Ohio State Fair. The most recent version ditches the pajama shorts in my attempt to create a sleepwear creature. When she saw the finished red tulip anthotype, my wife Bridgette said she was reminded of one of the ghost hitchhikers from Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Disney updated a few of their classic attractions in the last 15 years. So if you want to see the connection, look for an older photograph taken at the amusement park. I am including one appropriated from tvbythenumbers.net.

Pajama Shorts with Anti-Embolism Stockings Number One


Pajama Shorts with Anti-Embolism Stockings Number Two


Pajama Shorts with Anti-Embolism Stockings Number Three


Bed Jacket with Anti-Embolism Stockings Number One


Ghost Hitchhikers from Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion


A good studio day

Today, I pulled four prints which, in antho typist’s language, translates to “stopping” an exposure. Most are life-sized but this tiny one is from a Barbie doll. The scale would be perfect for mail art if I could make many of these. The size is about 3 x 5 inches and the anthotype was made using leftover beet root. The exposure took less than a week.


Relatively Easy

It may seem like I only do anthotypes. My studio practice lately seems to confirm this. It is summertime and the anthotypes are easy. Relatively.

I just rediscovered my second stash of spring clamps which means that I can put together a lot of anthos at once. One of the pigments I am working with comes from some old beet root bits like the root and just below the stalk. It is a relatively fast pigment. In the picture below, the new anthotype just went out this morning around 9 am. The bedjacket anthotype on the right has been getting sun off and on since last Friday at 10 am.

There may be quite a few of the square ones this summer. So far I like the shape better than the long rectangle.


I Lost My Heart

What happens to a chard anthotype made by strong sunlight when it is displayed in and around a window that gets a few hours of sunlight most days? It slowly fades away. Come out to the opening to see what ten days of such exposure can accomplish. The anthotype is mounted to one side of an “A” sign. The reverse side has a protected detail of the larger anthotype under a dark cloth.