the return of the return of doctor frangst

My projects typically have a run of about four years before transitioning to the next body of work. From the summer of 2001 until about 2006 I worked under the rules of staged cyanotype self-portraiture creating a fictional character name Dr. Frangst. The project came to a stand-still in late 2005 when I replaced the character’s usual white lab coat with a cyanotype photogram coat with gingko leaf patters covering it. I made a few more images after that but nothing really “took”. Gingko Photogram Lab Coat is currently on view at Kenyon College in an exhibition titled Material Message curated by Molly Bondy and Marcella Hackbardt. The exhibition can be found Kahler Gallery which is in the Studio Art Building and will be on view now through April 12th. Kenyon College is located in Gambier, Ohio.

Other artists in the exhibit include: Brian Andrews, Cheyenne Cardell, Ashley Cummings, Dennis DeHart, Kelsey Dillon, Kate Fraiman, Meredith Friel, Jon Funder, Rory Hamovit, Clare Hodgdon, Sarah Kaufman, James Luckett, Jack McKenzie, Ashley Moore, Elizabeth Myers, Patricia Lois Nuss, Selina Roman, Jacinda Russell, Ally Schmaling, Morgan Ford Willingham, Emily Witosky, Zeslie Zablan, and Maria Zarka.


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