keeping the door open

Here in Johnson, Vermont I had grand aspirations for a couple of projects. With just a few days left in the residency it seems to have been one project involving Anthotypes. Through it all, whether it was working with and saying good-bye to the July artists in residence to the current August artists, I’ve kept my door open.

There has been a lot of work done, much of it mortar and pestle drudgery. Perhaps that’s one reason for the open studio. It’s so much more interesting to grind plant matter when you have something to listen to or to talk about with visitors.

Here’s a list to that I hope to write about as time frees up:

  1. Content of the newest anthotypes: the mix of male and female sleepwear
  2. The studio practice: 12 hours a day in Vermont (sometimes)
  3. Slow to make fast to expose: contrasty juniper leaves
  4. The show in Japan
  5. The Ohio State Fair
  6. Future ideas for the anthotypes / accelerating the fade
  7. Condensation in “tarping up” the anthos

Below is a picture of the favorite antho produced so far in Vermont. “Iris Peignoir with Hidden Boxers”