The decisive (anthotype) moment

In any medium there can be a moment when you are finished with your making but not recognize it. There can also be a moment when one thinks something is finished and one doesn’t recognize that the making needs to continue.

This isn’t indecision necessarily but the opposite namely a wrong decision.

Anthotypes are prone to this error in the decision process. I usually stop them too soon, take the whole thing apart, look at the underlying exposure and put everything back together and continue the exposure.

Here is the pokeberry anthotype of Clem Wolfham #2. It’s pretty dark but this time I think I’ll err on the side of print density. There are subtle details that are difficult to make out in the documentation but I think it will buy this print a few more years of life as it goes from storage to exhibition and back to storage.



2 thoughts on “The decisive (anthotype) moment

  1. Keep up the good work Francis, still A-Typing with the pajamas I see ;). Poke is amazing – strongest purples I’ve found, bar combining Malbec red wine with beets. Last week in fact, I defrosted an August batch and have a few paper types exposing now. What’s been your experience of using defrosted material?

    • frozen works well for berries (pokeberries) and iris petals. I saw an exhibition done with frozen spinach which faded considerably during the run of the show (according to the gallery director).

      Freezing is important in the midwest because it allows me to use materials out of season. Pokeberries ripen in the early fall but the best light is happening beginning now for this climate.

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