Solar Minimum

Anthotype update: they are getting there. It has been over a month and the only evidence of fading has been the small areas where the spring clamps had covered up coated areas of the paper (see picture below).

The thee or four variables that may be extending the exposure time:

1. Intensity. We are three weeks away from solar minimum.

2. Duration. The Anthotypes only receive about three hours of sunlight per day not counting the time when the neighbors” trees block out direct sunlight with their branches.

3. Wrapped in not entirely transparent plastic. Since they are kept outside the plastic tarp is necessary and a contributor to exposure time suck.

4. Extra strength pokeberry. The double costing and undiluted pokeberry emulsion are much more resistant to bleaching.



freebie friday

As an alternative to Black Friday and as a means of shameless self-promotion, I am offering a free postcard to anyone within reading distance of this blog. Please email me your preferred mailing address to

I’ll even mail it overseas for free!

This is a self-produced card for the Ohio State University Urban Arts Space exhibit featuring the Pajama Pants Rose Petal anthotype.



cat ears on lenscratch

Shortly before going to Boston in 2011, Ki snapped this instant photo of my cat Chasputin on Impossible Project film. It’s on page three of an online exhibit on Aline Smithson’s Lenscratch blog. The exhibit is called Pets and Favorite Animals and can be found at


Hairy Cemetery Nut at Custom Frame

Posting entries can be like big steps or little steps. Today is a little step.

Dave Crowell over at Custom Frame Services has selected my business card out of a glass bowl, randomly I’ve been assured, for a free frame. As you can see, he has chosen to float it and present it in beguiling, distressed wood. Head over to his shop at 1029 Wayne Avenue in Dayton, Ohio to see it on display, now until the end of January. They are open from 10 am – 6 pm Tuesday through Friday and Saturday, 10 am – 2 pm.

Photo courtesy of Custom Frame Services (possibly captured by Charmaine Griffith)

osage orange and black walnut system

The one comment that really sticks in mind from the summer residency in Boston is from Drew Ippoliti who is currently working on his PhD in London. “Artists are problem makers, not problem solvers!”

I’ve given myself several problems over the last two weeks. The problems I haven’t successfully solved are due to time constraints, defective paper and a complicated lighting set-up.

I am trying directional lighting to evoke the look of a Voyager image which is alleged to be the first photograph to show the Earth / Moon system together in one frame. Perhaps you can recognize the Black Walnut and Osage Orange I am using as surrogates for a planet and moon.

I am showing you an ugly print. Once time permits, I will upload the final version.

Almost as Good as Being Back in Grad School


Tomorrow night, between 6-8pm, OSU’s Urban Arts Space in downtown Columbus will host a reception for both part I and part II of Inoscuation. There is also an artist panel planned at 5pm featuring  Vesna Jovanovic, Michael Mercil, Suzanne Silver, Ardine Nelson, Rebecca Harvey, Kate Joranson, Amy Youngs and myself.

It’s almost as good as being back in grad school.

Above and below are some installation images. Note the subtle reference to the additive color primaries blue, red and green. Completely accidental.