Progress Report

June 02

June 03

June 05

June 06

June 6th, detail

Lot’s of pictures showing the progress of the fading and small misfortunes.

The garment is slipping a bit from bringing it inside in the evening and taking it out in the morning. Addtionally yesterday there was  a small downpour. This is something I wanted to introduce to the image but it is a bit different from the first Clem Wolfham. The image is being exposed sideways which is a “number of clamps” and “size of plexiglass relative to the plywood backing” issue. So the drips run perpendicular to the way I would like to introduce these marks. Additionally the plexi doesn’t cover the entire surface area of the paper so the pokeberry emulsion has completely run off the paper in the areas that are unprotected.

I am getting closer to exposing the fabric of one of the anthotype lab coats. Now I just need to teach myself to sew and maybe I can pull this off.


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