twice diluted

some surprises this time of year are bound to happen with lots of sunlight and alternative processes.

The pokeberry emulsion that I cut with water twice to cover the remaining pieces of fabric is fading very quickly upon exposure to sunlight. The image below represents about 4 days of exposure (maybe as little as 3). The second image is the backside of the fabric which has retained some of the intense color.

The downside to this fast of an exposure is possibly equally fast fading.

exposure side




Here is a preview of the pattern I created using two pokeweed leaves. These will become the pokeberry emulsion textile from which the labcoat will be made. After cleaning up the scans of 14 leaves I ended up using just three. The bottom and top side of one leaf as well as the bottom of another. The double sided leaf is to scale. The other was reduced to fill up so empty space in the textile.

no borders

Inkjet prints are something I try to avoid making. The printer is usually reserved for making negatives for alternative processes.

Not tonight.

Here is a work in progress which I am considering for the Dayton Visual Arts Center’s Annual Member Show. This year DVAC has chosen the theme of no borders.

There is so much visual similarity to the cosmological images I have been making with fruit and a strange resemblance to the animation in Bjork’s iPad App for her Biophilia album. I think I’ll rearrange a lyric or two into a title for this image: “fast as a fingernail”. Maybe I should sleep on it.

In All Fairness, 2012 Edition

It’s almost that time of year to go to the Ohio State Fair to see the Fine Arts Exhibition. Amidst the livestock, dairy and butter sculpture displays found on the fairgrounds in July is an amazing display of visual art as well as contemporary video and short films. I make it a point to enter work in the juried exhibition each year.


In the 2012 edition of 2D and 3D work was juried by Jon Cook, Executive Director Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center of Worthington and Ardine Nelson of Columbus.


I will be exhibiting “Pluot”, “Honey Crisp” and “Japanese Pear”. Bridgette has two paintings in the professional division. Other 2-D artists showing work in the professional division this year are:


Monica Anne Achberger, Karen Albanese Campbell, Timothy Albon, Judy Anderson, Ginnie Baer, Carron Baxter, Bridgette Bogle, Rick Borg, Jon Browning, Louise Captein, Mark Chepp, Rachel Clark, Alex Conrad, Ken Coon, Anne Cushman, Clifford Darrett, Betsy Defusco, Joanna Donchatz, Susanne Dotson, June Douglas, Paul Emory, Valerie Escobedo, Frederick Fochtman, Mark Fohl, Sean Foley, Bruce Foster, Margaret Freed, Angela Gage, Beverly Goldie, Lloyd Greene, Tracy Greenwalt, Christine Guillot Ryan, Rod Hayslip, Cody Heichel, Helen Hoffelt, Tony Hoover, Morris Jackson, Donna Jacobs, Laura Joseph, Richard Jurus, Dan Knepper, Jules Knowlton, Amy Kollar Anderson, Chris Lang, Marc Lincewicz, Brenda Lloyd, Kevin Longley, Ken Marshall, Paul Mcclain, Lynda Mcclanahan, Kellie Mcdermott, Kathy Mcghee, Mike Miller, Ronald Mlicki, Juliette Montague, Ashley Moore, Paula Nees, Chaz O’Neil, Kathleen Pepicello, Alyssa Petrosky, Allison Pierce, Mabi Ponce De Leon, Jose Luis Quinones, Loaned Rain, Robert Robbins, Lindsay Rodgers, Debbie Rosenfeld, Nikos Rutkowski, Laurie Schmidt, Kristine Schramer, Jenny Scranton, Ashley Shellhause, Don Slobodien, Meghan Sours, Emily Starr, Marlene Steele, Melanie Steffl, Marti Steffy, Andrea Stern, Joan Tallan, Sally Tharp, Marcus R. Thomas, James Trout, Gerald Van Scyoc, Barbara Vogel, Chun Arthur Wang, Linda Wesner, Janna Wheeler, Daryl Woody, Darlene Yeager-Torre.


In the professional division, the 3-D artists are: Laura Alexander, Lindsey Alexander, David Argento, Sandra Aska, Carolyn Baginski, Diana Bjel, Carol Boram-Hays, Jim Bowling, Juliellen Byrne, Scott Dooley, John Freiman, George Gregory, Chelsey Hammersmith, Michael B Hays, Alissa Head, Mikelle Hickman-Romine, Gary Hovey, Tamara Jaeger, Kevin Keiser, Carrie Longley, Barbara Morejon, Lauri Murphy, Jeffrey Owen, Jeffrey Owen, Nate Ricciuto, Mark Rosen, Melinda Rosenberg, Jason Routson, Keith Simpson, Catherine Bell Smith, Nicki Strouss,and Jane Tuss.


For the 2-D and 3-D artists in the amateur division please visit the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition blog at:

The coat is the experiment

I should know when to stop.


Here are three examples of different pokeberry dilutions painted onto the cotton fabric I am using for the lab coat.

There will be one back panel and one pocket that will represent the undiluted pigment.

The two front panels, the other back panel and the two larger lower pockets will be the first dilution.

The arms and collar will be coated with the second dilution.

The coat is the experiment!