making the laboratory romantic

Going from an undergraduate degree in science (biochemistry) to an MFA (emphasis in photography and digital imaging), I often look back to how I became interested in science and what made me change careers. In explaining my initial attraction to the sciences I recall images from NASA’s unmanned missions like Voyager and Viking, drawings of blood cells in a National Geographic, and an image of Marie Curie in her lab.

In the summer of 1999 I attended one of the Museum of Photographic Arts workshop lectures. Susan Kae Grant was the artist and in her talk she alluded to a record of Marie and Pierre Curie returning to their Paris lab at night and seeing a lavender glow on work surfaces in the darkened room. Photographs like the one above are probably a strong influence in my early staged images of Dr. Frangst.

Today is the 144th anniversary of her birth (she’s about sixty years younger than her countryman Frederic Chopin). Madam Curie, thank you for making he lab space romantic.


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