tree bark, take two, seeing what’s on the ground glass

Last Saturday, for the first time in three years, I broke out the 8×10 camera. I gave myself a problem by loaning the 120 WPC (Holga) to a student and I found myself in need of continuing on with the new chapter in the Forces of Nature project, tree barks with shadows of leaves falling on them.

Here are the first two sheets of film processed on Monday. I feel like the lens is too long of a focal length which means finding a shutter for an old Goerz wide angle I have in my basement. However, it was nice to be using the view camera again, setting up the tripod and seeing what is on the ground glass.


I imagine the work being printed on a paper like Kozo, perhaps a toned Kallitype that ends up a neutral black. Here is what the cropped version may look like.



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