introducing a new kallitypist

First frame of the portrait session with Sasha Ndam.

Fewer days remain of the residency, especially studio days. Today, tomorrow, then clean up and pick up Bridgette (Bogle) from the airport. After that, except for the Emmanuel College Artist in Residence Exhibit on Tuesday, I will be a Beantown tourist.

Monday I was in assistant mode. I worked with Darien Johnson on a project in which transparencies are viewed simultaneously to deconstruct and construct the image for the viewer depending on where they stand to look. That was early afternoon. Later that day I met up with Sasha Ndam who is a student in Cynthia Fowler’s Contemporary Art and Artistic Practice class. She asked me to help her create a portrait of herself in Vandyke Brown. Except for the camera and Photoshop work Sasha chose the image and did all of the chemistry work herself. This in effect makes Sasha a new Kallitypist (vandyke brown is one of the kallitype processes). I was what could be described as her historical photographic processes consultant. In my dealing with the students in Cynthia’s course, Sasha has seemed the most engaged with what the four of us artists in residence are doing (she asks good questions). Look below for an example of her work.

Sasha's Vandyke Brown Print for her class here at Emmanuel


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