In case you were wondering…

stack o boxes and light source

On my plate is the making of three postcards destined for friends who sent me a mixed tape (CD) to keep my ears happy this summer. Thank you for the tunes. I haven’t forgotten my promise and that’s what this entry is about…partially.

Anyone who dives whole heartily into the wonderful world of anthotypes will at some point wonder about their lifespan or more specifically, how ambient room light may affect the image. I decided to test out a fluorescent light fixture here in my studio by using the it as an exposure source for paper that has just been coated with red rose petal emulsion. I’ve stacked boxes on top of boxes on top of a cart directly below a ceiling light I can’t shut off. The anthotype will get exposed to light around the clock, 24/7.

What is being exposed? Why the very postcards I promised at the beginning of my residency! What is the image of? Only the three people who responded to the Mixed CD request will find out. For a hint, see the picture below. Just in case this doesn’t create much of an anthotype, I will also put an rose petal emulsion paper and light resist up in a south facing window in the science wing (or perhaps set up another outdoor frame). I’ll know in 24 hours how practical the “stack o boxes” is going to be as an exposure method. Officially, I began the exposure at 6 pm on August 6th.

Postcards Being Exposed


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