a spectacle if you know where to look

Emmanuel administration building

Emmanuel administration building, closer

Emmanuel administration building, even closer

Emmanuel administration building, closer still

Continuing with the “more pictures in the blog” strategy. I was reminded from talking with  Darien Johnson about the spectacle of the act of photographing. He was being interviewed for a video documenting our residency here at Emmanuel. He was accompanied by Nick Pizzolato while he photographed outside the college for a future ceramic piece. Darien mentioned the conspicuous nature of pointing the camera at ordinary objects. His specific example was photographing a fire hydrant and thinking that the pedestrians on the sidewalk must be asking themselves why this man is photographing a fire hydrant and why is he being video taped photographing it.

The performance and act of photographing was the inspiration for “Sibling Rivalries” and it is playing a sneaky role in the pajama anthotypes. Except this time it is much more related to act of printing a photograph. Still making a photograph but over a very long period of time. How does 1/250 of a second compare with 150 hours? 1/250th of a second vs. 180,000 seconds. It’s 45 million times longer.

Sneaky in that, if you know where to look, you can see everyday for the next three weeks the spectacle of making a photograph.


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