south west not south

The long term projects here at Emmanuel are the anthotypes. Each one will take about 3-4 weeks to expose which may be overkill. They are photograms so I am primarily going to gauge progress by the bleaching away of the ground by the sun. Without the benefit of a compass I estimated the windows were south facing. Going by google maps and the satellite images, I would guess that they are more southwest facing. Why is this even important? The anthotypes are getting a lot more exposure than is possible in my tree covered backyard in Dayton (pang of homesickness felt). This morning I got to the studio a little earlier than my usual twelve noon and noticed that the sun had not yet begun to strike the windows at 9:30 am. I went back later, closer to 11am and it looked like a good bit of sun was now on all three windows. So here is where it is important, I estimate from early evening observations that each anthotype is getting about 7 hours of exposure a day. It’s now about 2 pm here and the sun is almost directly in front of the windows. Clouds and cloudy days do complicate things but I think the first anthotype may be ready to pull by the end of next week. I still haven’t decided whether I want to introduce movement into the pieces. More on that later.


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