two windows on the world

dripped on iris emulsion on unsized kozo paper

Danger looms ahead. My sleepwear project has descended to the level of cuteness and smallness. Children’s pajamas. Once I begin using onesies, I risk becoming the Anne Geddes of the alternative photography world. But not yet.

The unaltered pajama on top of the iris coated kozo paper

Today’s trip through the thrift store revealed a summary of consumer pop culture. Transformers, Tony the Tiger, Barbie, various Nickelodeon programs, Thomas the Train, Ariel the Mermaid as Ariel the Princess. I really don’t want to go down that road with this project. It is a little too locked into the late twentieth and early twenty first century.

pajama cut into a single layer on top of the coated paper

Two windows today, the world tomorrow. There are three of these south facing 40″ x 40″ windows on the fifth floor. Now two are occupied with anthotypes. The act of photographing and making photographs always has had a public spectacle component. A public exhibition of process. Maybe someone will notice.

The second anthotype waiting for some direct sunlight.

Afterwards, on the way to a late lunch (lunner), I walked past the Harvard School of Medicine Research Building along Louis Pasteur Avenue. I spotted a young woman photographing two of her friends pointed to signage on the glass windows near the entrance. I had to look. I had to see what she was photographing and how she adjusted her height to achieve the desired frame. I paid attention to the symmetrical finger gestures of her friends and theirĀ  “tourists of the biomedical research world” smiles. I had to look. The act of every photograph being taken is a spectacle.


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