paper cuts and map tacks

Works in progress. Actually pictures of works in progress. The 24 piece image “Don’t Take This Personally” is getting closer to completion. Some of the pieces need to be reprinted due to overcoating of emulsion which creates differing degrees of silvering. Each section will be cut on two sides and overlap its neighbor. I haven’t decided left or right but top pieces will hang over the bottom ones. Last night I cut the bottom edges on the lower two rows. More cutting planned for today.

Applying a brief lesson in painting from Bridgette (, I hand painted 100 map tacks. Nine of these were painted an off white to match high key areas of the final assembled image. I used last fall’s color mixing lesson (Titanium White plus a little Light Burnt Umber) to create a hue to match the highlights of the paper. Thanks for the lesson in acrylics BBo!


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