If MacGyver was an artist…

….he probably wouldn’t be making work like mine but I like to think there is a little MacGyver in all of us. Tonight I installed the latest attempt at an anthotype in the window of my fifth floor studio. The name of this image, if it survives the four week exposure, will be Charles Tesconi. The pigment for this image is derived from mulberries. Probably not the best combination of emulsion and paper. The drawing paper from Utrecht soaked up the chemistry as I applied it which means, I should choose a paper that is better sized. This image may end up being a bit streaky. Also, a repeat of what I noticed with the henbit emulsion, there is either oxidation of the pigment or some interaction with alkaline buffers in the paper that change the emulsion from a pink purple to a gray purple.

In and out of the studio today…

I searched for labeled sleepware at a reasonably close by thrift store here in Boston, the Morgan Memorial Goodwill which is about 1.5 miles away.

Coated the paper in the studio, fretting about the streaks and light spots. I could almost here Bridgette saying “Such a photographer!” i.e. let it be more painterly.

I scanned the label on the pajama and created a transparency which will be part of the photogram anthotype.

Installed the paper and garment with backing board in the window (see above).

Below is an image of the pajama top on top of the coated paper.


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