quite luxurious for the monk

Today I arrived in Boston. Officially, I am, maybe, six minutes away from Fenway Park.

The day started off cold in western New York and eventually got to be a 90 degree kind of day once I arrived at Emmanuel College. No pictures to show yet but tomorrow I should be out and about with either a digital SLR or the Polaroid.

Today was all about getting to Boston around 3 pm and navigating my way to Emmanuel College with google map directions. It worked out. I didn’t get lost but I did test the patience of Bridgette (Bogle) trying to have her direct me to Bed, Bath and Beyond via phone and her internet connection so that I would have a bath towel for a much needed shower. The bath towel is yet another thing I forgot to pack.

Today was also about getting an ID card, parking permit, access to an undergraduate dorm room, quite luxurious for the monk I will play for the next two months, appraising the studio situation and finally unloading my art making stuff into designated studio areas.

I am here. Please come visit me in Boston. I’ll take a pretty picture of you.


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