(March 13th, 2011) Sleeping in the Rain



As promised the first of the pajama anthotypes. I need to live with this for a while. My initial response is that it needs more exposure time. Almost needs to be less dense in the middle of the pajama so that it feels more ghostly. Clem’s name written in Sharpie isn’t visible which was one of my hoped for details. But the two types of rain drips are positive surprise. In the image you can make out a diffuse, elongated white mark in the main part of the image. This is where rain got under the plexiglass but only soaked the garment which in turn wet the paper. The other drip is visible in the shoulder areas. This is where rainwater directly removed pigment from the paper and as Bridgette describes it “very painterly”.


I want to build a large frame to make the anthotypes a bit better at resisting water and I do wish for cleaner plexiglass. But for now I have to save up for the residency in Boston this summer.


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