(April 19th, 2011) and the paper smells like root beer


The pokeberry anthotype of Clem’s pajama top (small version) is close to being done. Here is a scan from Sunday afternoon.


Pokeberry juice has spoiled me. It provided a strong tincture to use. Now I am struggling to get these small violet flowers to have a presence on a sheet of paper. I managed to get about 50-75 cc of tincture but it seems too dilute and the root beer flavored vodka I used as a solvent has created some new concerns. The sugar in the alcohol has created a stickiness to the emulsion. So the update: the new purple flowers have yielded a sticky and weak liquid that really reads blue and the paper smells like root beer.



  1. Maybe I can do multiple passes to build up density (suggested by Bridgette).
  2. Let the emulsion evaporate over several days without heating to create a reduction that is denser with pigment.
  3. Throw in the towel.

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